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Monitor an unlimited number of folders for files changed, renamed, removed or created in real-time.


Free File Monitor is a system utility that can persistently monitor all the folders including subfolders for newly added/deleted/changed files. It lets you easily monitor the software activities in your computer system. With most specific log information, you can easily get the timestamp & location of the incoming files and tell if they are processed separately or all together in a group. Now you will never miss what's going on with your system behind your watch.

You can choose the folder you want to monitor, and then Free File Monitor will display all the activities in real time in a list, marked in blue/green/red text. The filter allows you to customize the actions & notifications you want to see in the list. You can also skip the subfolder and monitor the root folder only. Files are processed only when all data is completely written, making it ideal for larger files like movies. If you need to view the properties of any listed items, just double-click it. Free File Monitor is the right choice to reliably monitor an unlimited number of folders.

Monitor Files

Monitor Files

Free File Monitor is a small, yet reliable utility for users who want to constantly monitor the file access activity on their PC. The program will monitor which files have been changed, renamed, removed and created or a combination of one or more of these. This feature comes in handy when you monitor heavy data processing file/database servers and application's log files.

How to Monitor Files & Folders?

Monitor Folders

Monitor Folders

Similar to monitoring files of your computer, Free File Monitor also is designed to monitor an unlimited number of folders with subfolders and track changes at the folder level, be it file change, removal, modification or new files copied in the tracked directory. Meanwhile, you can keep track of the number of files and sub-folders in a path. This free folder monitor helps you keep an eye on a specific folder and get notified whenever a specific change occurs.

How to Set Filters?

Monitor Program Execution

Monitor Program Execution

Want to know what kinds of changes happened on your program execution running on your computer? Our free file monitor, working as an execution file monitor, helps monitor any kind of execution of a program with access to full installation. It keeps the track of running applications and processes, as well as monitoring their particular activity.

File Filter

File Filter

Free File Monitor provides you an accurate file filter to quickly find the wanted files for monitoring. Files can be specified to filter when they are added, renamed, removed, modified and so on. You will never need to worry about losing a folder or file no matter how much disk activity there is.

File Alert Notifications

File Alert Notifications

Many user-specific notification preferences are provided to specify what kinds of notifications to display instantly when the change occurs. Users can manage what type of information the notification should contain by checking or unchecking one or all preferences among file name, directory name, attributes, size, last write, last access, creation and security.

Real-time Processing

Real-time Processing

Free File Monitor records the system changes in real-time, investigating exactly what files/folders have been altered, created or removed. It executes predefined actions right when they should be done without slowing down your computer and saves a lot of time on dealing with them. Even if you check your folders every 10 minutes, you may be slower.

Distinguish with Text Color

Distinguish with Text Color

Free File Monitor displays the activity info of the monitored files & folders in a list, distinguished with blue/green/red text. Blue color represents "File"; green one is "Directory"; and red means "Removed entry". Thus it helps you have a quicker and clearer understanding of the text log rather than feeling confused.

View Detailed Entry Properties

View Detailed Entry Properties

The free file monitor software enables you to view properties of each entry listed in the main window. Thus, in the pop-up property window, it is easy to get detailed properties of the specified files, such as type, size, location, generation time and other info and indicate whether they are processed separately or together in a group.

Specific Log Information

Specific Log Information

Free File Monitor provides you specific log info of the tracked files or folders, including timestamp, action, name and other items. Meanwhile, it is equipped with "Clear log" function to sweep away all the old log info and generate newer info for your analysis or other uses.

Why should I choose Free File Monitor

DotFree File Monitor

Free File Monitor is absolute freeware to monitor all the files and folders including subfolders to make you easily acknowledged of their activities in your computer system. Users needn't spend any money in downloading it or enjoying the everlasting free update & technical support. And you'll find no hidden or extra expense.

DotReduce the Workload

Attempting to manually retrieve thousands of events log analysis of files/folders is a tedious and time-consuming task. It will generate endless hours of non-value added work and create a significant risk of error. Free File Monitor instantly provides comprehensive and accurate information about access to sensitive files and folders and displays obvious changes to significantly reduce the workload related to monitoring access to sensitive files and folders.

DotEasy Analysis & Diagnosis

Free File Monitor is an advanced application designed to monitor a specific folder/file and give you detailed log information. This detailed information is easy for system debugging and trouble shooting, manipulation, in-depth analysis, facilitation of forensic IT investigations, file activity audit and log, catching the details of changes to your file system or monitoring your website files.

DotEase of Use

Holding the concept of developing professional software with most possibly simple operation, Free File Monitor makes catching the activities of specified files or folders quite an easy thing for both veterans and novices. Through the clean UI, all of you can know what to do with it.

What are the system requirements?



Intel Pentium 3 500MHz or equivalent processor

At least 256 MB RAM

50 MB free hard disk space

Graphics mode 800x600, 16-bit color

Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


Intel Pentium 4 1GHz or equivalent processor

512 MB RAM

Minimum 100 MB free hard disk space

Graphics mode 1024x768 true color (highest 32-bit)

Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Free File Monitor


Free File Monitor
Free File Monitor

Editor's Review

Softonic - Editor's Choice
During our test, Free File Monitor quickly displays the detailed monitored file activities, which gives us a big surprise. It seems that nothing can escape her watchful eyes.

Softpedia - 5 Ratings
We appreciate the UI design of this file monitor software. The interface is quite nice. We think it has perfectly expressed developers' philosophy of embracing simplicity. This is what all the developers should pay attention to.


Monitor Files & Folders

Set Filters

Did you know?
Free File Monitor helps monitor files/folders from your computer. 100% Freeware.

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